One of Victoria’s biggest passions is space exploration. Here are some of the things she is working on in the space industry.

PHEnOM CertificateThe PHEnOM Project (an acronym for Physiological, Health, and Environmental Observations in Microgravity) is one of the world’s first commercial human spaceflight research programs, training and utilizing citizen scientist-astronauts and mission support specialists to carry out its mission objectives. The project is a microgravity human research program that will conduct cross-disciplinary research using a cradle-to-grave (ground evaluation to orbital) experiment design and technology maturation approach. The primary fields of research include: biomedical/health, engineering, pharmacology, materials science, and atmospheric and physical sciences.


SAMI Certificate

The Advanced Chamber Program is an excellent introductory training experience teaching the importance of recognizing the dangers of Slow Onset Hypoxia. This program was developed as an evolution from the standard FAA Model which is an excellent training experience for Rapid/Explosive Decompression. During our Advanced Chamber Program pilots fly to true high altitudes within the Altitude Chamber to learn the physiological effects that occur due to low oxygen availability.